The Ecosystems Lab at DISL

Principal Investigator: Dr. Just Cebrian

Point aux Pines

Big Lagoon State Park
Our field and experimental work focuses on coastal marine communities.  Being an ecosystem lab, we follow a community-integrated approach, i.e., we study the main communities of coastal ecosystems in concert. These include phytoplanktonic communities, sediment flats (mostly inhabited by benthic microalgae), macroalgal beds, seagrass meadows, and marshes. Most of our research aims at understanding the regulation and trophic fate of primary production in these communities. Read more
The research being undertaken by the Ecosystems Lab covers a wide range of ecological subjects. They include habitat utilization by fishes as well as ecological implications of various restoration efforts that have taken place along the Norther Gulf Coast. You can learn more about this research (as well as selected past projects) on our projects page.
Our staff is a varied group of post-doctoral associates, graduate students, technicians, and interns that come from all over the United States and the World. Learn more about the backgrounds and research interests of our current group by heading over to the personnel page. Or, if you are interested in any opportunities with us, you can see what is available below.

Opportunities in the Ecosystems Lab:

Internships - Summer 2013

Prospective Students

If you are interested in these or any other positions in the Ecosystems Lab, please take some time to look over our Projects Page. Questions are always welcome and can be submitted via e-mail to Joshua Goff at jgoff@disl.org.

Ecosystems Lab @ DISL

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